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Av Nathalie - 5 december 2011 14:30

-Whatīs so funny Jimmy? Get up from the floor you fool! Mala sounded angry but her face where smiling

- Sorry Mala, I just couldnīt help myself, I got the funny picture in my head that you where a bookcase.

Lia sat there on the sofa and something just clicked in her head, had Mala called Josef by another name?
Jimmy? What the hell was going on?
And just then and there her head made a big flash back of two episodes one when the cute boy
with dark brown hair and eyes walked up to her outside the old store and told her who he was
and then the annoying car chase outside her home where she looked this boy in the eyes and
his eyes where deep sea blue.

-Who are you? Lia said it to the one she thought was Josef who just had stopped laughing
and stood up in front of Mala

-Oh, sorry about that darling, Iīm Jimmy, youīve only meet Josef once, but weīre twins too.

-Can you please stop give me surprises all the time, itīs annoying to not know anything!
Lia was getting angry on all of this but she held a steady voice when she said it.

-Jimmy! Please go and get Josef for me, I need to talk to you all,
and right now I want to say one word or two too my sister!

Mala pushed a button on a remote on her desk and the bookcase went on its original
place so you couldnīt see the kitchen on the other side.

Jimmy went out of the room into the round room they came in from and
Lia just sat and waited on what was going to happen next..


Av Nathalie - 31 mars 2011 05:59

That other tunnel wasnīt dark, it was bright as day and no wonder cause it had windows that showed water and sunshine through them.
It seemed like the windows on the ceiling was under a little pond or lake and the water was clear so the sunshine could break through.

The tunnel went straight ahead about a hundred meters and then made a turn to the left, Lia started to walk into the tunnel and this time it didnīt end with a big stone wall, because in the end of the tunnel there was an iron door.

Before Lia could knock on the door or anything else like that it swung open and the room inside where round and had too much people in it.
She saw Josef coming from a door to the left and headed towards her:

-So there you are Lia, took you long enough! He said it with a big smile but Lia weren’t amused
-Oh you shut up, I wonīt talk to you anymore, leaving me there to go around by myself!!
-Donīt be mad at me, follow me and try to forget that little episode, please.
-Where are we going?

She followed him the same way he came out, to the door on the left.
Even though she didnīt like that he left her in the tunnel by herself she knew
that if she didnīt follow him now she had followed this far for nothing.

They walked into a small blue room, they sat down on a brown sofa and Lia stared at the black painting that was running sideways through the whole room, she felt like she was jumping out of her skin when she heard her own voice..
Or was it her voice? No it seemed like it was her but at the same time it wasnīt her and the source of the voice was behind a big bookcase:

-Are you still mad sis? I know itīs not easy and I think everything seems strange to you.
-Yeah Iīm mad, and where the hell are you, youīre not a bookcase and I donīt think that you are talking through Josef either!!

When Lia said that Josef started to laugh so hard that he fell from the sofa to the floor and the bookcase opened a little bit and Lia could see that it was a kitchen on the other side of the “book door”, and out came no one less than Mala.
Her twin sister…


Av Nathalie - 6 februari 2011 17:53

It was further away than she thought, it was still a light in the end of the tunnel but it seemed that when she took a step forward it didnīt take her nowhere.

Whoosh, the wind surprised her and almost knocked her down, it was a big draft and she turned around but didnīt see anything else except for darkness, she kept on walking and for some reason the light came closer now.
Lia thought that she was going crazy, all alone in this tunnel, or was she alone? And the wind making the light come closer when she walks, hmm, nothing made any sense.

The end of the tunnel, she didnīt understand where to go now, it was a dead end, the light where just a little rose shaped lamp in the middle of the wall.
She was trapped, cause if she went back all the way it would be a dead end to cause that stair case is behind a big stone wall and she canīt understand why someone wants her trapped in here.

-How does it feel to be this confused?

Huh?! A voice, where the hell did that came from? Lia turned around and round to much so she became dizzy and tripped on her own two feet and landed on the tunnel floor and said straight out to the invisible voice:

- Who are you?! I want out of here. And where did that stupid Josef go?! He tricked me !

- Hahaha, slow down with the anger, itīs me youīre here to see anyway.

-MALA?! If you are the one who everyone talks about why the hell canīt I see you right now and why trap me here?

-Youīre not trapped you just donīt think with your head sometimes.
When the voice said that the rose lamp went off and a rumbling noise was heard, Lia jumped up on her feet again and noticed that the rumble was the stone wall with the rose on moving and behind the wall another tunnel was visible.


Av Nathalie - 1 januari 2011 23:42

Lia where a bit surprised.
If this where Malas hiding place and if her twin sister was that close to her, why hadnīt she seen her anytime?
And why was all of this happening at the sametime? Her thoughts stopped when the stairs ended in a dark tunnel and Josef disappeared into the darkness.

"Hello, where the hell did you go?! Josef I canīt see anything !! " she just stood there and tried to see her own feets but the darkness was to compact.

Lia took a feew steps forward and still nothing from Josef, damn that guy, Lia turned around and tried to make it up the stairs again but behind her there where no staircase anymore, no it was a cold solid stone wall that blocked her way and not seeing anything got on her nerves and made her a bit scared.
The only way for her to go was forward, but it didnīt go that fast cause she had to hold her hands at the wall to know that she still had something to go after.
After awhile she stopped, how long had she walked? wasnīt this darkness going to go away soon? where the hell was Josef? did he trick her? was she the biggest fool on this planet?

Lias head made her crazy, all those voices and questions in her had made her sink to the floor and buried her head in her hands, stupid stupid stupid, her head where banging with a pounding headache again.
While she where sitting there the tunnel started to move slowly, she didnīt notice, but it did, and after an other little while there was a light far away in it.
When the light went up Lia looked up and got on her feet, maybe Josef just joked with her and showed her the way out or it was something else.
Either way, towards the light she must go...


Av Nathalie - 1 januari 2011 01:02

The Blue Rose 9

Her feet where sore after all that running, now Lia was sure of one thing, that car who almost ran over that kid was after her, she didnīt know who it was or what they wanted but lately it had been that way for many things.
Josef and herself had been chased all over the place and now they had stopped for a little bit of rest:

"who are they?! and donīt lie to me please" Lia was pretty annoyed with all this so she didnīt sound very nice when she talked to Josef.

"Iīm not really sure right now, they are some kind of enemies to Mala, but that you have to ask her about."

"Mhm, so where the hell are we going to now then? I donīt like to be kicked out from my own home and that my own mother did it!"

"Donīt blame her, it was I who needed you today so she just gave me a helping hand."

"Okey, take me where you need me to go and give me some breakfast and please can I talk to Mala sometime soon ?!?!?!?"

They sneaked out from the little bushes they just where hiding behind and ran to the park that she was going through everyday to school and next to the playground there was a big stone and she just followed Josef behind that big stone and he did something with something on the stone moved to the right and under that big gray stone a staircase could be seen and it was leading down down down...


Av Nathalie - 31 oktober 2010 20:44

The next morning Lia woke up and felt disoriented, maybe it was a side effect of the pounding headache the night before. She got up from her bed and she had just put on some pants when her bedroom door swung open and her mother came in with a hurry Lia never seen before.

“Hurry now, Hurry, you need to get out, Josef is waiting and I need to go, See you later maybe tomorrow, NOW Hurry Lia”

Lia just stood there in shock and didnīt know where to look, but her mother took her school bag and pushed her out her own room and handed her the purple jacket she hated and said
“get out now, sorry to be so rude, but you donīt have time for anything else right now”.

So there Lia stood now, outside her home and with only half her school stuff and in the jacket she hated, where should she go? She didnīt see Josef anywhere and her mother just said that he was waiting on her!!

She looked all around and didnīt see anyone, her stomach roared but that wasnīt a surprise cause in that hurry her mother had she didnīt have any chance to get some breakfast.

Everything happened at the same time, a car drove to fast along the road in front of the apartment building and a boy on a bike didnīt see the car and the ones who drove the care did turn just before they hit the boy and in all that chaos someone laid their hand on Lias shoulder so she jumped two feet in the air cause she got frightened.

She turned around and was about to hit the one who had scared her and that someone had some reflexes, her hand stopped two centimeters from his face.

“wooowaah, no need to hit so hard little one, hurry before they come any closer”

Now when she had calmed down a bit she saw right into Josefs deep sea blue eyes and understood that he was serious, that car who almost ran over that little kid was looking for someone and apparently that someone was her or Josef maybe both of them so now was the time to run fast and hide.


Av Nathalie - 29 september 2010 21:19

Lia saw that her mother nodded when she said that her sister didnīt exist in the system.

“No youīre not wrong about that” her mother said “and you donīt remember cause you and your sister changed place only three times like that and you where very little. I havenīt seen Mala in about ten years, you where five when she was here the last time, so maybe youīve got some memories but they arenīt that clear so you remember anything thatīs important.”

“Oh okey, now what? I mean I understand this a bit better than before, but why do I get to know about them now? What is happening with them and why did that Josef guy approach me??”

“Haha, sorry but I had to laugh a bit, maybe Iīm nervous or something, but itīs like this.
I meet your father when I was about your age, he where like a ghost in my life, handsome sweet and he played with me for a long time. I had many many boys after me but I only got eyes for your father and when I got him when I was about twenty everything happened so fast.
I know he loves me still but the fact remains that heīs still a ghost and I agreed to make Mala a ghost to cause we both needed a reminder of the love we got, but thatīs not all he is one of many leaders on the other side and even though outlaws has people to lead them they are foolish and have “wars” and “fights” that the government donīt know of so to keep his territory he needs someone he can trust and teach and that one is Mala.”

“Mom, do you even know how CraZy you sound?! Isnīt that criminal? To be outside of the system and living in secrecy to do what? Fighting? and it sounds like he is making Mala a new “godfather” or whatever you wanna call it.”

“Hush, sometimes there is things you canīt change and why they became to be in the first place isnīt always so easy to justify”

“Okey, I know Iīve got to many questions and that I may sound like I donīt want anything to do with them, but thatīs not true. I have truly been missing a father for as long as I can remember and to know that Iīve got a sister and that itīs even a TWIN sister was a surprise from the start but now I only want to meet them”

“Thatīs my girl, I know we didnīt cover everything with this little talk we just had but there is a time for everything and I think that the most important thing you need to know to night is that Iīm here if you want to talk and that I will send Josef a message so he can meet you tomorrow again.”

“About that mom, why did you or them send him to me first?”
“Thatīs just because sometimes you need a stranger to open your eyes, Itīs easier sometimes.”

And with those words her mother left her bed and her room. Lie where alone in her room with her thoughts again and she realized that she needed some sleep cause her head didnīt want stop pounding, so she turned of the light and jumped on her bed and about five minutes later she was sleeping..


Av Nathalie - 27 september 2010 21:41


The Blue Rose 6

Her mother looked really small there on her bed, Lie saw that her mother had a hard time to start talk so she beat her mother to the punch and asked the biggest question she had on her mind:

“Why didnīt you tell me that I had a sister?!?!”
“Thatīs not the easiest question you could ask me ! But I understand that you really want that answer..”

“Yes please, mom I know we donīt always get along but both you and dad must have a really good reason for not telling me! Even though I havenīt seen my dad so I can remember it but you must have talked to each other pretty much to keep a secret this big from me.”
“No, youīre wrong on one thing, I havenīt heard anything from your father in three years now but we had a plan on how to keep you and your sister apart and thatīs a very simple plan he would move out of this country with Mala and I would stay here with you.”

“But why? I mean why do I get to know about this now? And why couldnīt they stay here with us?”
“Itīs not easy to explain and you probably wonīt believe me anyways but Iīll try to make it simple.”

Lia saw that it was painful for her mother to talk about this sister of hers, and she could almost understand that the sister had was a terrible loss to her mother who had to give her up when she was so little, and it would take much time to get over.
If someone even could get over something like that, but one thing was good in this whole mess and that was that none where dead from her family and she wasnīt alone, One sister richer even though she hadnīt seen Mala yet she felt that many years of doubt would run away as soon as she could meet her twin sister.

“They are outlaws, thatīs the easiest word for it, I Love your father very much but when you and Mala where only a few months he had to go, and I knew that I couldnīt stop him even if I begged him to stay, so the plan where that he would take Mala and you Lia would stay here with me and we would switch you so I could have Mala and he could have you every half year.”

“WHAT, what?! So you mean that Mala have been “me” or correct me if I’m wrong and not thinking about this the wrong way, She doesn’t exist in the system and because we are twins no one could tell the difference between us so you and dad switched and she lived under my name twice under a year? How come I donīt remember?!”

Lia sat there in her bed leaning against the wall and felt numb, she didnīt understand all of this, what was the meaning of the whole charade ? How come she didnīt remember living anywhere else or remember how her father looked like? The headache started to pound her head really hard but she tried to concentrate on what her mother had to say….



Född: 1989
Bor: Norrbotten
Älskar: Kim & Fantasy

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